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With Andrea Lekic reaching 1000 goals she should also overtake Anita Görbicz in the alltime scoring list of @ehfcl soon. The 1st place depends on how long she, Cristina Neagu & Jovanka Radicevic will play.

However, youngstars Henny Reistad & Katrin Klujber are already scoring…

Andrea Lekic is outstanding this season. She has just become the 4th player to score 1,000 goals in @ehfcl, and even though she is now 36 years old, she will probably score more goals than she has for years. She has also been outstanding from 7m:


In the net save percentage, saves only count if the goalkeeper’s team gains possession. As with the normal save percentage, Kevin Møller is in first place here. He is one of the main reasons for SG Flensburg-Handewitt’s outstanding defence.

👉Much more:—die-zahlenkolumne–wie-nicolej-krickau-die-sg-flensburg-handewitt-veraendert-hat—–news/#new_tab

SG Flensburg-Handewitt has the 2nd-highest % of goals scored by new signings and the 4th-highest % of minutes played by new signings. They also have a new coach in Nicolej Krickau.

👉How he changed Flensburg and what’s missing to compete for the title:—die-zahlenkolumne–wie-nicolej-krickau-die-sg-flensburg-handewitt-veraendert-hat—–news/

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