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Kiel tried different defences to catch Luc Steins and PSG, but especially in powerplay and man-marking they couldn’t stop them.

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This week we took a look at @FCBHandball’s & @SGFleHa’s GKs. They had the best duos in the group stage but struggled in the 1st quarter-final.

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Much more on what this graphic shows, why these numbers matter and what they mean for @psghand and @thw_handball in my first article for @ehfcl:


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In my first article for @ehfcl I took a look at @psghand’s offence and @thw_handball’s defence:


.@tbvlemgolippe’s shots come from an average of 7.5 m (ranked 6th). 55.3% of their throws are from less than 7 m (4th). With only 40.2% successful shots from 7-11 m, they are the weakest distance shooting team in @liquimoly_hbl.

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