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Wir finden durch Daten die entscheidenden Wettbewerbsvorteile für dein Team.

Wir stellen dir vor, was wir machen und wer hinter Handballytics steckt.

Analysen zu allen möglichen Themen rund um den Handball findest du in unserem Blog.

„Pace“ is the number of possessions (entire attack until the opposing team gains possession, can therefore contain several shots, for example when there is an offensive rebound.

This indicates which teams play fast or finish quickly and which do not.



In our new series „Who knows his team best?“ we ask players from different teams of the @liquimoly_hbl questions about different stats of their team.

The beginning was made by Gregor Thomann from @HBWhandball. With 5 correct answers, he set a strong benchmark. #handball 🤾📊

EM-kvalvecka och häftiga siffror:
5 svenskar (från 5 olika klubbar) på topp-10 i Bundesligas nya prestationsindex HPI (typ MEP i Sve och Dan) så här långt på säsongen enligt @handballytics, som på begäran skickade mig den här.
Sedan har vi Wanne också som är sexa i skytteligan.

Added a few new sports to the event tagger! Handball, American football & rugby are available. Change your pitch in the top-right menu (desktop & tablet only).

More improvements and pitch types to come. If you would like your sport added, let us know 👇

.@FRISCHAUFGP is not only the team that has the most games that end in crunchtime (last 6 min of games when the goal difference is at least once 2 or less) but also the 2nd best. Only @SGFleHa gets more points per crunchtime game

👉Much more:—die-zahlenkolumne–die-crunchtime-champions—news/ #handball

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