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I’ve taken a look at „advanced stats“ for goalkeepers at #EHFEURO2022 and why this „goalkeeper efficiency“ that compares actual saves to expected saves might be better to evaluate goalkeepers than the usual save percentage.

➡️The article: https://ehfeuro.eurohandball.com/men/2022/news/en/the-shot-stopping-stars-of-ehf-euro-2022/

To evaluate goalkeeper performances, usually the percentage of shots saved from all shots that went on goal is used. But some shots are harder to save that others. This is why I have built a model that considers that. #ehfeuro2022 #handball https://ehfeuro.eurohandball.com/men/2022/news/en/the-shot-stopping-stars-of-ehf-euro-2022/

#statoftheday 📊🤾

Going into the game yesterday Norway’s possessions lasted on average 30.8 seconds until they either took a shot or turned the ball over, the 2nd shortest of any team still at the #ehfeuro2022. Against Sweden the same number was at 42.3 seconds, the in turn…


Gidsel’s on fire! With 7.0 goals per game, Matthias Gidsel is clearly the best scorer from the field (without penalties) ot the #EHFEURO2022. Even more impressive is shooting percentage of 97.2%. With 36 shots, he has only one miss. No other player comes …


Yesterday, Spain also failed to get a grip on Norway’s outstanding offence. This puts the Iberians in good company. With outstanding 31.6 goals per 50 possessions, Christian Berge’s team currently has the best attack of the #EHFEURO2022.

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