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After 2 years as number 2 in the right backcourt of SC Magdeburg Christoph Steinert is again the number one. His goal trend is now clearly pointing upwards again. In the new my column ÜberZahl for @liquimoly_hbl I analyzed his uprise.

▶️ More: https://www.liquimoly-hbl.de/de/n/news/lm-hbl/2021-22/ueberzahl/ueberzahl—die-zahlen-kolumne–der-aufschwung-des-christoph-steinert—news/ #handball

Christoph Steinert is one of the surprises of the new season. In the new edition of my column ÜberZahl for @liquimoly_hbl I analyzed his uprise.

▶️ More: https://www.liquimoly-hbl.de/de/n/news/lm-hbl/2021-22/ueberzahl/ueberzahl—die-zahlen-kolumne–der-aufschwung-des-christoph-steinert—news/ #handball

New column: I wrote about Christoph Steinert of @HCErlangen and his upsurge this season:
https://www.liquimoly-hbl.de/de/n/news/lm-hbl/2021-22/ueberzahl/ueberzahl—die-zahlen-kolumne–der-aufschwung-des-christoph-steinert—news/ #handball

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