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In memory of Rolf Brack I took a look at his seven against six in the newest edition of „ÜberZahl“:


For the second-leg of the @ehfcl play-offs I took a look at the play type statistics of the first leg matches, here @WislaPlockSA vs. @HBCNantes. #handball

👉Much more: https://ehfcl.eurohandball.com/men/2022-23/news/en/what-play-types-reveal-about-the-second-leg-of-the-play-offs/


In Erinnerung an den „Handball-Professor“ Brack und sein bekanntes taktisches Mittel 🙏✨ Lest in der neuen Ausgabe von ÜberZahl, wie sein Wirken den Handball prägte 👇

With the help of play type stats I took a look at the second legs of the @ehfcl play-offs. #Handball


Today’s #MOTW between Brest and @TeamEsbjerg is also the matchup between the best and one of the worst crunch time teams. #handball

👉Much more: https://ehfcl.eurohandball.com/women/2022-23/news/en/crunch-time-to-be-key-for-brest/

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