Play type statistics

Type of play with that the possession ended, so it either resulted in a shot attempt, turnover or a seven meter penalty is received.

  • Isolation: The usual one on one. If one of the following play types is broken it often counts as isolation for example if in a two vs. two situation the ballhandler retreats and then simply attacks his direct opponent.
  • Two vs. Two Ballhandler: The (usually backcourt) player takes the shot or causes the turnover in a two vs. two situation. The shot attempt can be a distance shot or a close range shot or anything in between.
  • Two vs. Two Pivot: The pivot gets the ball in a two vs. two situation.
  • Wing: Ball gets passed to player that stands in (or at least very near to) the corner, who then takes his steps and shoots from there
  • Cut: A player receives the ball while he is already on his way to the goal area or immediately attacks a gap in a defence after he receives the ball. Includes Kempas/flying shots.
  • Spot-up: A player receives the ball and shoots mostly immediately but can include dribbling (usually sideways) as long as it and is not in an isolation, two vs. two or cut situation.
  • Run-in: Backcourt or wing player that runs in to a pivot position
  • Off-screen: After a screen by another player if it is not a two vs. two situation.
  • Putback: Player gets the offensive rebound and immediately shoots.
  • Pivot Other: All other pivot situations that don’t fall under the previous categories.
  • Transition: Fast break while the defense is not completely set (includes first, second and third wave). Includes fast middle/throwoff. Includes shots on empty goals.
  • Direct Free Throw: Direct free throw attempt. Usually at the end of a half but can very rarely happen during a game.
  • Miscellaneous: Everything else, for example passing mistakes in backcourt (as long as it’s not out of any of the previous play types), illegal screens or if the possession changes after a wrong substitution.

Important: It’s always just the play by the player that shoots, causes the turnover or receives the penalty. So, if for example if a turnover happens at a pass towards the pivot the play type can’t be Two vs. Two Pivot or Pivot Other.