You are currently viewing Episode 4: Rasmus Boysen on Expected Goals and Japan vs. Egypt

Episode 4: Rasmus Boysen on Expected Goals and Japan vs. Egypt

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In the fourth Episode of „Handball in Numbers – The Handballytics Podcast“ former Olympian and EHF Master Coach Mark Hawkins and Julian Rux, founder and owner of Handballytics, are joined by professional handball player Rasmus Boysen. They discuss the „Advanced Statistic“ Expected Goals with focus on Japan vs. Egypt and much more.

Hosts: Mark Hawkins & Julian Rux
Guest: Rasmus Boysen
Intro: „Aggressive Synth Arp“ by Andrea Guerriero

Handball in Numbers - The Handballytics Podcast
Handball in Numbers - The Handballytics Podcast
Mark Hawkins & Julian Rux

"Handball in Numbers - The Handballytics Podcast" is a podcast about Advanced Statistics and Analytics in Handball

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Julian Rux

Founder and Owner | Gründer und Eigentümer

?? Julian is responsible for most of the content on this website. The Master of Science in Business Administration works - in addition to his main job as a controller - in a part-time job for the Handball Bundesliga (among other things as a columnist) and has also analysed data for Bundesliga clubs.

?? Julian ist für den Großteil des Inhalts dieser Website verantwortlich. Der Master of Science der Betriebswirtschaftslehre arbeitet - neben seinem Hauptjob als Controller - im Nebenjob für die Handball-Bundesliga (u.a. als Kolumnist) und hat auch für Bundesligisten Daten analysiert.

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